What is truck bed liner?

A truck bed liner is a protective layer that will keep scratches, scuffs, dents, and other damage from occurring. The slip-resistant surface will also provide a better grip for your cargo to prevent it from sliding around the bed of your truck. This item will protect your truck bed from damage as well as protect your cargo from damage.Owning a truck bed liner is a matter of preference. If it is important to your as a truck owner to keep your truck bed in good shape and protect your vehicle investment, a truck bed liner should be thought of as essential. Additionally, if you often haul delicate cargo in your truck, a bed liner could be a great tool for protecting your cargo.

How much is a bed liner for a truck?

Spacoauto aim to make affordable drop in pick up truck bed liner with good quality. We have almost all models for all the pick up brands and models. 

How do you install a truck bed liner?

For a drop-in bed liner, you can typically simply drop it into place, and put the hooks and fix the screws. You can easily install it in 3 minutes. 

Is truck bed liner waterproof?

Spacoauto pick up truck bed liners are completely waterproof and rust-proof. After all, your truck bed liner is likely to come into contact with rain and snow at some point of another, so you’ll be glad to know that your bed liner is most likely resistant to all types of weather, moisture, UV-rays, and more.